The 3 Humble Hs: Health, Hospital and Human Resources

As health has received prime importance in urban and rural world, so have the hospitals. Two English proverbs quoting” Health is wealth” and “Prevention is better than cure” is ruling the psychology of all human worldwide, which in turn, is resulting to the blooming of healthcare sector. With the development of hospitals and health care […]


A job called Job Search

The article is an insight to the professional emotions and skills a person exhibit during job search. Interestingly, the person does not get any regular compensation or regular motivation for doing so.

Back to Primitives?

This article emphasizes on the unconscious biases we nurture. As we are not aware of our biases, it becomes difficult to avoid stereotyping and move towards globalization.


My Break up with Facebook ;)

This is a piece of comic writing on coming over Facebook obsession.


Mutual fund for emotions

Being from humanity background, I never understood technical terms of finance, Accounts and Investment. Honestly, my tax is also filed by my husband who is better off with these concepts. To reiterate, I am quite intimidated by payroll administration, though being an HR professional. But there is one concept, I heard back in 2007 regarding […]


Discussion between two ladies (2020 December)

This is a piece of comic writing blended with satire on FAKEBOOK life


“I’m sorry”, I said to myself

One day I dreamt of my accident… …I was standing in the middle of the road intentionally   the next moment, a car came and crushed me   I smiled as I thought it would draw his attention to me  and the most beautiful moment would come, in his arms I would be  My painful eyes […]