My 1st blog “Conditions Apply”

It has been an year since I started blogging. I wish to acknowledge the beginning and thus my first blog is here for you…”Follow the soul till it is within itself”


Thanks for being my sunshine!

With nervousness and sweating hands, I went to attend the first ever poetry workshop of my life in Toronto Public Library. We reached early or a normal person would say “quite early” 1.5 hrs before;) … in order to not to be late at any cost. Rahul (my husband) accompanied me. That was a great […]

Stigma taken, with love

It’s been long since I wrote a piece.. there was struggle to write a creative one but then I gave up and am going to compromise with my average piece of writing 😉 Also, I promised to myself that I would write a series called “CANADiAlogue” which will project my ongoing experience but the muses […]


Figments of my ongoing Canadian experience intertwined with an imaginary dialogue between an Indian visitor and a faceless objective visitor to Canada… Wait and watch for a beautiful journey… Digging into everyone’s heart including one’s own… With light humor.. Coming soon….