About the author

Hello readers..Thanks for visiting my page. The photograph shown is of my marriage. It is one of the numerous Hindu marriage traditions. For explaining it, one day I would surely write an article. 😉

To introduce myself, I am Parul.. an amateur blogger, young wife, experienced daughter, little sister and a junior Human Resource Professional. During my leisure, I write poems, sing songs, dance like a baby…in simple words I am still a child inside. And I really thank God for that.

Currently, I am in Canada, thanks to my husband (Rahul)’s IT job. If someday I become popular (hypothetically) and if I am asked to thank one person who inspired me everyday, it would be my husband. I have always been lucky to have an extremely loving family and my husband is a quite eligible addition :). It seems that he also thinks same about me 😉

I am quite a narcissistic person. Truly speaking, I am working on that. Blogging gives me an another forum to present my art before the world and feed my narcissism in return.

As it is quite visible from the name of my blog and the tagline that I am not sure of what I would write next. Anything and someday everything inspires me. I am also reluctant to get bounded by uniformity…

Currently even I know only this about myself. Will let you know once I am updated.


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