For my “him” and “her”

When I would get wishes today…I wish the wishes to go to “him” and “her”
When somebody would say “Happy Birthday”..I wish “happy” to reach “him” and “her”…….. as “Birthday” would remain with me..
the birthday which was possible due to “him” and “her”
remained happily in my memory due to “him” and “her”
was glorified by loved ones due to “him” and “her”
Born as a forth daughter in an Indian middle class family could have been a quite an experience horrible and bitter……………………………..
………………..but it has been beautiful, overwhelming with love and emotions due to “him” and “her”
I am quite fortunate to always have my “him” and “her” as “them”..made it blissful to me altogether
Age should be counted by number of friends you have..some quote says…..but the beginning ..the zero is only possible due to him and her
For my “him” and “her” … parents
Thank you for being my “him” and “her” !!

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