Thanks for being my sunshine!

With nervousness and sweating hands, I went to attend the first ever poetry workshop of my life in Toronto Public Library. We reached early or a normal person would say “quite early” 1.5 hrs before;) … in order to not to be late at any cost. Rahul (my husband) accompanied me. That was a great relief. It was my first experience to socialize with fellow Canadians outside my husband’s group. I was excited.

I didn’t know how long would the workshop last.  So, I gave my husband scores of suggestions : “you can read book here in the library” or “go to a nearby mall” or “you can also go home”. As he is man of few words absolutely contrary to me, he said ok to few options and nodded to others. The biggest sentence he uttered was “I will see”

At the scheduled time of workshop, I took my bag, my notebook, sheets full with my poetry and went towards my venue after exchanging smile with him. I must say my smile had a hint of nervousness and his had calmness as usual…

It was an interesting meeting, explicitly said by all the members. Each one of us read our respective poetry, shared comments, feedback, protocols, jokes etc. I felt too much comfortable irrespective of it being my first such meeting that too in a new country. Meanwhile I messaged him, “It will take time” sneakingly. I couldn’t write longer sentence like “Please go home, it will take long time and I can return on my own”. I was scared to be misjudged by fellow poets as a irresistible mobile user (who are mostly disliked by artistic or/ and old people :D). Even I don’t like people surfing mobile during meetings or discussions.. so why blame others.

After two hours, the meeting ended. With a successful smile, I went towards the library. He  was not there where I left him. I felt little sad but also felt good for him as he didn’t bored himself for two hours by reading or roaming alone (to clarify, he is not an enthusiastic reader). In order to leave, I reached the Library gate where I noticed his back. He was sitting on a side bench facing  the glass wall. I could see a ray of sunlight on him. The complete image of him sitting on that bench towards the glass with ray of sunlight on his streak of hair was so soothing that I loved it. And I loved more that I’ve a soulmate who is there for me, patient, calm, caring,motivating  and endless adjectives 🙂





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