My Break up with Facebook ;)

It was not a long ago, when I was in complete love with Mr Facebook or FB, his love name. It was he, whom I used to give all my info: where am I going, with whom am I going? Where I boarded, where I landed, where am I eating, what am I eating, with whom am I eating, what am I buying, what am I watching and also what I have not been able to watch with a sorrow face.

He acknowledged my feelings totally. He used to ask if I was feeling happy, sad, loved, thoughtful and so on. I liked his concern. I reciprocated and he liked it most of the times. Any event New Year, Holi, Diwali, Marriage, Good Friday, Weekend was incomplete without him. But he was also quite creepy: wanted to know about EVERYTHING. Once I told him, I went on a vacation; He started asking where, with whom, which day… huh.

While clicking any picture, I used to think how he would react to it. Would he like it again and again or not? Would he give me loads of compliments? So in a nutshell, things were customized to get his likes and good comments.

It was a crazy love; I used to show him all my nice pictures before anyone. The more he liked, the more I felt intoxicated and hungrier to get further likes from him. Someday, I felt loved but there were days, he used to give lot more attention to others and none to me. Whenever I spoke anything off beat or longer, he just showed disinterest and I felt low…too low..

In one moment of isolation, I realized that I was not left with me. He was everything. I did anything and everything for him. He made me happy. He made me sad and sometimes he made me depressed.

So, I left him. We didn’t discuss anything. He was also not bothered in the beginning. It took me a week to come over him. There were temptations, desires…My nearest friend suggested deleting his app from my phone. It would help me to get over him, he said. I answered, “No, I have patience and there is no need to take such a big step”.

After a week, FB started sending me messages through a common friend named Mr Google Mail or Gmail, that’s what we call him in our friend circle. Regularly, Gmail showed up with FB’s pokes, messages in one envelope. It seemed that FB was trying to get me back by making me realize that I was missing a lot of things. I destroyed them at Gmail’s end immediately after receiving.

There was no face to face meeting with FB after break up. One day, I thought to check if he is actually missing me or not. So, when the common friend came with his envelope, I went to see the notifications, messages, and pokes. O God. He ditched me. He exaggerated everything. There were not actually same number of things I missed as he stated.

But yes, he was correct that I missed few things. So, I decided to be “just friend” with him. He was completely ok with that. The common friend was also relieved.

Now my life has changed a lot. Earlier I used to spend minutes on other things and hours with him. Now I spend minutes with him and hours on other things. LIFE IS GOOD.


6 thoughts on “My Break up with Facebook ;)

  1. Very well written! A lot of people are addicted to social networking sites. Its good to be connected with people through social networking sites but not all the time. The real environment is way better than the virtual one. Lets make the best use of the real world we are in!

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