Mutual fund for emotions

Being from humanity background, I never understood technical terms of finance, Accounts and Investment. Honestly, my tax is also filed by my husband who is better off with these concepts. To reiterate, I am quite intimidated by payroll administration, though being an HR professional.

But there is one concept, I heard back in 2007 regarding investment, is still fresh in my mind. The concept was of investment in mutual funds. The advertisement broadcasted on vividh bharati and came to me via my 6’ TV cum radio in my PG at Delhi. I found the concept intriguing enough to retain in my long term memory. For readers like me who are less versed with financial terms, I would define mutual fund in simple terms. Mutual fund is investment in different assets such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments etc. It is generally said (on advertisement and by financial experts) that it reduces risk and increase returns …But yes… for sure… Conditions Apply!!

But what on earth, an HR person, has to do with mutual fund. Actually, I would like to introduce mutual funds in altogether different way: “Mutual fund for Emotions”.

As mutual fund distributes our money into various assets to reduce the risk and in favourable situations, help us avoid bankruptcy, we can put our emotions in different things present in our life to avoid bankruptcy of heart. Or let us call it “HEARTRUPTCY”.

Take me for example: I need to put some of my emotions in my husband, some in my career, some in my blog writing, some in my family, some in my in-laws family etc. etc. Now if I put all the emotions in one thing, let’s say career. Currently when I don’t have job, there are extreme high chances of heartruptcy.

As I am writing this article, hundreds of questions are popping up in my mind: Is there any quantity of emotions to be put in each thing? Is it voluntarily possible to manage the emotions? What if the priority is already fixed by default? And so on…

I believe there is no easy answer to any of these questions. But yes, one thing is clear. “Anything” should not be our “everything”. Once it becomes, losing a single ounce of it make us half-dead. We all have seen such parents who give each and every moment of their life, energy, money, emotions to their children. When the child leaves house for any reason may be study or job, parents feel void inside. They don’t understand what to do after completing the regular chores of house. The concept is commonly called as “EMPTY NEST SYNDROME”. For avoiding such syndrome, I am promoting mutual funds for emotions wherein in lack of one thing, one would not disappear.


6 thoughts on “Mutual fund for emotions

  1. Interesting perspective. In my family, we have a saying when we are just drained and exhausted: My emotional bank is empty. When we use that phrase, that is how we let each other know we have nothing left to give at the present moment and we need some deposits, STAT! I’ve always felt that energy and emotions can work well with financial metaphor. If you have a savings account and never make it a priority then that account can never grow. The same goes with relationships, hobbies, careers, etc. You were talking about empty nest syndrome which frequently happens to married couples. For 18 years, the majority of their emotional energy has been placed in their children without making very large “deposits” in their marriage. This can be a reason why so many couples divorce once their children leave for college. I enjoyed this!

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