Discussion between two ladies (2020 December)

DISCLAIMER :product of imagination. There is no relation with any living, dead or facebook creatures 😉

First lady: Hi!!
Second lady: Hello!!! Long time no see!!!

First: Ya, but I have been posting my updates regularly on FB .. how can you not see that.. my last checked into “Mc Donalds” with 48 others have got almost 50 likes

Second: Wow yaar, great, you are having life

Fir: So how is your life, you have a baby if I am not wrong. I saw him last when you posted his 2nd  bday photographs

Sec: ya.. actually he stopped growing after that

Fir: Feeling sorry with 6 others to hear that…. some disease or what ???

Sec: No actually after his 2nd bday I have not posted his photograph on fb so..there is no growth.. Even there are many things which has come to halt in my life.. I am feelingless yaar.. Since 2 years….  ..no feelings posted on fb yaar..what to say.last time my family went to Marriott n I didn’t post it anywhere. Was not feeling like eating you know… and no anniversary or birthday is giving me happiness.. Last 2 anniversaries we didn’t celebrate actually …he just brought me two gifts and I brought him one… no posting of gifts, photos, acknowledgements, long wishes… I just hope my marriage is going to sustain..

F: You should give a serious thought to it. Unsustainable I suppose.. Buck up yourself.. Everything is secondary to this…Being a friend.. I would be feeling happy with 28 others if you are again active on FB….that’s the real world!!!!

S: Thanks Yaar.. Feeling blessed with 19 others just due to you…
🙂 😉


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