“I’m sorry”, I said to myself

One day I dreamt of my accident…

…I was standing in the middle of the road intentionally

  the next moment, a car came and crushed me

  I smiled as I thought it would draw his attention to me

 and the most beautiful moment would come,

in his arms I would be

 My painful eyes searched him amongst the crowd

 “Please come to me”  I could hear my heart’s sound

 My lashes were heavy and red

with blood oozing from my head 

 He did not come, I cried

 People around me thought I died

 I regretted how I staked my life

 just to get a caring touch from a person

 in whose life’s book

 I was not even mentioned

 I saw him going away

 not showing me any hope’s ray

 The drops of blood were oozing outside

 asking me

 “Is this the way your life’s end was supposed to be?”

  “Doesn’t your life has any worth?”
 I murmured “yes” 
 “Don’t they matter who have given you birth?”
 I murmured “yes”
 “Don’t they have any right on your life who always tried to fill it with mirth”
 I murmured “yes”

I wanted to go back to the time, already passed

But my breath was almost to last

A thousand times, I said to myself “SORRY”

And hoped that, to my family, it could get carried

God bestows them the courage to spare me off their love

and nurture hate for me which I truly deserve

This would help lessen their pain due to my death


            …. I have had my last breath…


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