Conditions Apply

“Follow your soul”….” Follow your heart”…. Every day I come across some of these quotes on social networking sites. For one reason or another, they inspire me to do something which I really desire to do. Currently the list of those things might be quite trivial…thus not worth mentioning…Quite significant for me but has no substantial effect on either of the worlds..

But sometimes I think if, a day, my evil side wakes in terms of orienting towards treachery, violence, divisions, fanaticism etc. Even then, I would find these quotes as my anchor and confidently say that I am following my soul. Great people had stated “Follow your soul for the pursuit of true happiness” in different choice of words. It’s proven. It’s sacred. It’s the way of finding the real meaning of life.

By defending on these grounds, sadists would hurt others and say that they are following their soul and find happiness in it. Misogynists would love to hate women. Racists would adore hating and suppress anyone who belongs to somewhere inferior in their opinion. Terrorists would kill people in cold bold and smile over the blood stains. Anti-nationals would sell their country and take pride in it. Rapists would rape women, burn them alive and would live with pride as they followed their soul.

Deep inside, I know the justification is not correct. The quotes or sayings are true and quite relevant with the context behind them. Great people who had inspired us to follow our soul, must not have thought that among the followers would be soulless people too…that the heart would be followed by heartless people… who would pursue their happiness by hurting others intentionally.

Since social networking sites are extremely popular these days in all the worlds.. Good.. Bad and Grey.. I sincerely feel that these highly inspiring quotes, wherever posted, should have “Conditions apply” written below them. And the condition should be “YOU NEED TO HAVE A SOUL TO FOLLOW YOUR SOUL”…”YOU NEED TO HAVE A HEART TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART”. If you are following hatred, promoting divisions, violence, if you are a destroyer of peace, perspectives, prayers and purity.., Sorry reader!! You are not eligible to follow your soul as we have been unsuccessful in finding one in you.


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