Lifeless is the new life…

When I am upset with the insensitivity of living things around, I resort to lifeless things as to me, I find them extremely love bound..   The sky never falls on me, After I repeatedly look up at it with grievances And the moon does not eclipse itself When my eyes are fixed at it […]

Jet-lagged baby, sleepless mother with dearest diary

After becoming a mother six months before, I realized how beautiful and fulfilling is the experience of breastfeeding. And my jet-lagged cute little one showered me with this experience throughout the nights during his first two months. I believe that there was a huge time-zone difference between my womb’s world and his mom’s world that he couldn’t […]

Thanks for being my sunshine!

With nervousness and sweating hands, I went to attend the first ever poetry workshop of my life in Toronto Public Library. We reached early or a normal person would say “quite early” 1.5 hrs before;) … in order to not to be late at any cost. Rahul (my husband) accompanied me. That was a great […]

Stigma taken, with love

It’s been long since I wrote a piece.. there was struggle to write a creative one but then I gave up and am going to compromise with my average piece of writing 😉 Also, I promised to myself that I would write a series called “CANADiAlogue” which will project my ongoing experience but the muses […]